NMN (β-Nicotinamide Mononucleotide) Sublingual Powder 10g


Epic Solutions NMN is a perfect anti-ageing solution from natural sources and is great because it tackles the root of the problem, by helping repair our genes directly.

Helps boost NAD+ levels which:

  • Encourages DNA Repair
  • Accelerates Cell Energy Metabolism
  • Stimulates Longevity Genes

VEGAN FRIENDLY, GLUTEN FREE & NON-GMO (made from natural sources).

Every pack of Epic Solutions pure 99% NMN powder comes with a scoop that measures approx. 250mg.

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Product Description

NMN gives our body a direct access to the natural compound that increases the NAD+ levels in our body, which encourages DNA repair, energy metabolism in our cells and the activity of Sirtuins, the longevity genes shown to be directly linked to life-extension in many animal gene models.

Potential benefits include but are not limited to: improved vascular health and blood flow, improved muscle endurance and body strength, protection against heart disease and lowered risk of obesity. Scientists are still working on the full list of potential benefits, but have concluded that there is no harmful side effect whatsoever with NMN.

NMN can be found in normal food sources, but it tends to be only in minimal amounts to show any substantial benefits and therefore taking a supplement can make visible, feelable improvements.

Every pack of Epic Solutions pure 99% NMN powder comes with a scoop that measures approx. 250mg.



Pure 99% NMN (β-Nicotinamide Mononucleotide)

Epic Solutions NMN products are non-GMO, Vegan friendly and Gluten-free.


Directions of Use

NMN is best taken first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

To take, simply use the included scoop (200-250mg) to place the powder under the tongue according to your recommended daily dosage. Let the powder dissolve naturally under the tongue for best results.


Recommended Dosage

We recommend the following daily dosages for NMN based on research and customer feedback:


30-40 years old           200-400 mg/day

40-50 years old           400-600 mg/day

50-60 years old           600-800 mg/day

Over 60 years old        800-1200 mg/day


Storage Instructions

We recommend refrigerated storage for NMN, especially if you do not consume immediately and once the package has been opened.


The Science!

NMN supplement boosts the NAD+ level in our body.

So what is NAD+?
NAD+ allows our cells to keep functioning smoothly by providing the necessary natural fuel and repairing the damage caused to our genes by time.

As we get older, our naturally produced NAD+ levels decline. By the age of 40-60 the fall in our NAD+ levels can be as great as 50%, and this accelerates the ageing of our body and mind rapidly thereafter. When NAD+ levels decline, our body will begin to struggle to produce the energy necessary for maintaining general health.

Going deeper into scientific facts, lower NAD+ levels will result in age-accelerating cell dysfunctions, caused by declining ability of the cells to transfer the energy between themselves.

In fact, the studies have shown that lower levels of NAD+, SIRT1 enzymes and SIRT3 enzymes can lead to age related health issues including but not limited to fatigue, loss of muscle strength, vascular inflammation, fatty liver disease and diabetes.

Increased levels of NAD+, in contrast, has shown direct evidence in enhancing not only the energy levels, physical performance and cognition in ageing animals, but also the life span of lab organisms.

NMN supplements will have a direct impact on the NAD+ levels in the body and can therefore directly counteract the natural ageing process and the inevitable decline in physical and cognitive performance.




Epic Solutions as a brand only source and provide products of certified quality across all products, from chemical solvents to health supplements. We pride ourselves in providing only the finest purity products.

We aim to put our name to products that are EPIC. There needs to be substantial superiority or we will never consider taking on the product, and we will stand by this motto no matter what.



OUR NMN is 99% PURITY & PARMACEUTICAL GRADE. Our NMN powder pack contains no binders, bulking agents, fillers, colours, dyes or any other substance than what is indicated on the label.



3rd PARTY TESTING- All of our NMN products have been tested by a third party lab in UK & EUROPE for PURITY, STABILITY and also for any HEAVY METAL CONTAMINATION that can be found in many cheap health supplements out there.



SUBLINGUAL NMN POWDER. Our NMN powder has SUPERIOR BIOAVAILABILTY, which means that it will start working the instant it is absorbed into our biosystem.



Cold storage facilities ensure that our NMN will stay stable from sourcing to your body throughout the manufacturing and distribution processes.




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